Finding yourself standing at the intersection of life changing decisions is something most people encounter numerous times in their life. It is a situation that can happen often, both in one’s professional career and life in general. These crossroads present multiple different options, opportunities, challenges and paths for one’s future

Change and Conflicting Feelings

Most times, life-altering decisions and change are met with at least some amount of stress, worry, doubt, questioning, and even some fear. However, there is often some positive feelings like excitement and anticipation – all of these are normal. The key is to not let these emotions overwhelm you to the point where you cannot make the best decision for your life.

Taking on Change in Your Life

Change isn’t easy, but there are several things you can do to assist in taking a step back and get a better view or perspective of your options and possible paths to your desired destination. Check out our next blog post in this series, Crossroads Part 2: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself, to get some tips on how to deal with change in your life and find questions you might want to ask yourself to best decide on which path to take.

Need Assistance?

Contact AiM Coaching to get one-on-one life coaching to help assess and review your options and next steps. Unsure of what life coaching is and how it can help? Visit our FAQ section to find out more information.

– Mia McFadyen, Life Coach