The heart of AIM Coaching is Mia McFadyen. Mia transitioned into life and career coaching in 2007 after many years as a Senior Project Manager based in Europe and North America. In this field she worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies engaging with clients and teams from all over the world, with various cultural backgrounds, goals and business focuses. Due to the nature of the work, Mia is widely experienced in teamwork across departments. She also served as a mentor within her department to help others deepen their skills, and provided a support structure for their continued growth as leaders and manager. This is where her desire to focus on coaching began.

Mia is deeply passionate about coaching in the space of mental performance and resilience. She works with leaders, athletes and youth to cultivate growth mindsets and develop mental toughness and grit strategies to be their best every day and to serve their long-term goals, in life and their sport.

As a coach, Mia aims to encourage forward movement, build resilience and serving mind sets, open possibilities, and support the creation of success, fulfillment and balance for all her clients. The majority of her coaching falls in the areas of mental performance development, professional & personal growth, leadership and work-life balance. The strengths Mia posses as a coach are honesty, integrity and genuine care. Her leadership is based on respect, authenticity, empowerment, and the ability to be present and seeing the details while keeping focused on the big agenda.

Mia holds a B.A. in Business, majoring in marketing, from studies in Sweden and New Zealand. She has been a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) since 2008.

On a personal note, Mia was born and raised in the Swedish Arctic where her love of nature, family and athletics has their roots. She moved to Canada in 2003 where she still resides with her husband and two children. Movement, traveling and active living are essential to her, and she spends as much time as possible in the great outdoors, taking full advantage of the Rockies around the corner. She’s an avid skier searching for powder and untracked chutes. Passionate about mountain biking and trail running, Mia has participated in a few ultras but ultimately chases the unbeaten trail and mountain ridge and embraces the challenge to explore under her own command. Mia is also an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and teacher, which serves to recharge and find balance in her life, breath by breath, moment by moment.

“Having been curious about life coaching for a few years now, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I have realized is, you don’t need a life catastrophe to benefit from life coaching – it’s like a gym membership for the mind, heart and soul. Through life coaching, I’ve become really focused on what is important to me and been able to eliminate the sense that life is passing me by – I am in control. I’m constantly amazed how perceptive, intuitive and non-judgemental Mia is. If curious, I say satisfy that curiosity, you wont be disappointed!”

– Julie – User Researcher, United Kingdom