For a moment, lets consider this; two children with the same abilities, potential and environment – yet one shines and one shrink. What causes the difference?

The answers and influences can be many, both internal and external, but what studies have increasingly shown is the difference that mindset- our thought patterns and belief systems- make in our ability to manage and grow from adversity in our lives.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

Workshop Learning Objectives

AiM Coaching offers workshops directed at youth ages 9 and up. In these workshops, youth explore:

  • Mindsets – what they are and why do they matter;
  • Beliefs and limiting beliefs – how beliefs play out in decisions making and actions and how we can work to change them to serve us better;
  • The inner critic – call it the Gremlin or the Saboteur, that voice that hold us back from reaching our own potential. We look at what that voice is, how it impacts us and how we can shift so that it does not hinder our growth;
  • The power of words – positive vs. negative self talk with oneself and in communication with others;
  • Compassion towards oneself and others;
  • The role and our control of our feelings; and
  • Finding our strengths to help build confidence and resilience to navigate challenges and adversity in life.

We know that with curiosity, dedication and practice, mastery is developed. It’s how skills are learned and how we grow as people. The importance of grit, confidence and the ability to view failure as opportunity are building blocks to reach one’s individual potential.

Developing awareness around different mindsets, the limiting beliefs we hold, fears around failure, negative self-talk and thought patterns, and how they affect us can start to unlock greater compassion and control over the way we think and act in order to create positive change that serves us not only in the classroom but in everyday life.


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“…now that I know about my Gremlin, it’s become quieter.” 

“When I talk to myself positively, I do better”

– Students

“I was so grateful for the opportunity to have you share this workshop in our class this year. I think it provided students with a greater self-awareness and awareness of others. It brought out the best in all of my students this year. Thank you and I hope you are able to share this with as many adults, students, and humans as possible.”

– Grade 3/4 teacher