Mental performance coaching, or mental conditioning, strives to cultivate and optimize a high-performance mindsets, thought patterns, beliefs and habits. Enforcing these skills works for athletes, youth and leaders to call forth their best self and their peak performance on the field, in the classroom, boardroom and in everyday life.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

Mental performance coaching helps to develop mental strength skills, techniques and strategies to move through and rise above adversity, challenges, highly demanding physical training, pressure and competition. It’s about fostering flexibility; openness, focus, confidence and commitment to keep showing up to do the work to learn, advance and flourish.

Consider this: “grit” or resilience, is not something we are born with. It’s a trait and skill that we can develop. Just like a muscle, it can be strengthened. That means we can all become grittier!

Mental performance coaching can be designed as one-on-ones or in larger groups with teams of athletes or professionals.

Areas of Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performance coaching allows the coachee to engage in a collaborative process where the coach and client examine motivational factors, mindsets, challenges and “edges” to fine tune and transform them to better serve their performance within their field and in life. With deepened awareness, clear goals and an understanding of the impact of belief systems, processes and actions, tools and strategies are developed to nurture the fortitude and the mental fitness required to progress and stay on top of one’s game.

Some areas of coaching within mental performance coaching are:

  • Stress and pressure management;
  • Resilience, the ability to turn failure into learning;
  • Cultivate a mindset to support growth and high performance;
  • Develop and maintain confidence;
  • Connect to purpose;
  • Increase motivation;
  • Identifying obstacles and limiting beliefs;
  • Develop clear goals;
  • Create serving habits; and
  • Optimize effective and empowering processes for long-term achievement and fulfillment.

Benefits of mental performance coaching

Some of the benefits of mental performance coaching are, but not limited to;

  • Improved attitude and outlook;
  • Increased motivation;
  • Enhanced ability to move powerfully through adversity
  • Improved ability to set priorities and clear goals;
  • Deepened range of awareness around habits, thoughts, mindset etc. to form the most supportive and empowering beliefs systems and actions;
  • Identifying and forming empowering habits and support systems;
  • Awareness around mind traps and disserving thought patterns and beliefs;
  • Greater ability to handle stress; and
  • Improved confidence and focus.

Getting started

AiM’s coaching structure offer options to fit the schedules, needs and circumstances of all parties involved.

Sample Session

Sample sessions are an initial complimentary 20-30 min call to allow the coach and client to get a sense of whether or not they are the right coach-client match. These calls are also great opportunities to ask questions about how coaching works and if it’s a good fit for the agenda at hand.


AiM Coaching offers a flexible price structure based on the frequency and duration of coaching sessions. Customize packages and ongoing monthly agreements to suit the preference of our clients are available upon request.

I have greatly benefited from the coaching experience. I’ve become focused on my goals and more capable in steering my life in that direction. This in turn is helping me achieve greater personal satisfaction and fulfillment. For me coaching has been about finding balance, appropriate mental attitude and confidence – all things that a good, insightful coach like Mia can induce, along with providing vital support. Mia constantly brought me back to a space where I could find workable strategies, put them in place and then watch them work. Her practical, warm and supportive approach was ideal for me.

– Pablo – Team Lead, Canada