Personal life coaching embraces every aspect of life and aims to bring fulfillment, balance and success to any and all areas where change and expansion is wanted. Life coaching looks at where you are now, where you wish to be and how to design the transition between those points. Life coaching is action driven, rooted in purpose and meaning so that positive and powerful change and long-term success can be created.

“Your playing small does not serve the world. Who are you not to be great?” ― Nelson Mandela

A professional life coach supports and encourages growth by exploring current strengths, identifying limiting beliefs, thought patterns, behaviors and obstacles in order to co-actively design a powerful mindset and meaningful action towards ones defined goals and desired results.

Life coaching is an empowering process, which puts the client in the driver seat to optimize their life. The personal life coach will evoke insight and contemplation by asking thought provoking and powerful questions to help examine things from different perspectives. The coach will listen deeply, provide input and suggestions, as well as challenge, support and encourage the client throughout the process. Life coaching helps break up big goals into manageable and exciting steps and entails the essential component of accountability, which distinguishes it from other forms of personal growth strategies, keeping the client in action and on track.

A life coach is different from a therapist or a mentor. The focus of life coaching is an exploration resulting in actions, which are anchored in the present to create the desired future.

Ideal life coaching candidates share a common trait in that they want some sort of change in their lives. And while they may be able to achieve some of it on their own, a coach will likely help them get there faster. While it may be a common misconception that people come to life coaching because something in their life is broken, it’s often times the opposite. Life coaching is sought after because there is already a level of success and fulfillment which reveals that there is probably more opportunities and areas to transfer that to by fine tuning one’s life skills and aligning deep purpose with ones focus and goals.

Change is often times not easy and requires persistence and courage. However, the reward of living an authentic and deeply fulfilling life, is priceless.

Areas of Personal Life Coaching

The client may bring different topics to focus on each personal coaching session, picking what is the most relevant and urgent in their life at that time. Although topics may vary, the personal life coach keeps the overall goals and vision in mind at all times, making sure actions and choices are aligned with the bigger picture.

Some common personal life coaching topics are:

  • Goal setting and life purpose;
  • Stress management;
  • Personal growth, self awareness and mindfulness;
  • Change management – creating and transitioning through change;
  • Confidence;
  • Fulfillment and happiness;
  • Career development, performance, time management and efficiency;
  • Personal leadership;
  • Work-life balance;
  • Creating stronger and more fulfilling relationships and connections;
  • Health and wellness; and
  • Overall life balance.

Benefits of Personal Life Coaching

Personal life coaching can make the difference of living an okay life to living an extraordinary life! A personal coach can help you with:

  • Clearly identifying goals and priorities
  • Achieving goals faster than otherwise possible
  • Deepened awareness and focus
  • Improved overall life balance
  • Increased efficiency and powerful leadership
  • New perspectives, behaviors and habits
  • Better time management
  • Greater awareness around choice and impact of actions
  • Clarified values
  • Renewed life purpose
  • Decreased stress
  • Clarity around career development
  • Increased confidence
  • Personal growth and insight
  • Improved relationships
  • Providing a source of support, empowerment, encouragement, motivation and accountability

Getting started

AiM’s coaching structure offer options to fit the schedules, needs and circumstances of all parties involved.

Sample session

Sample sessions are an initial, complimentary 20-30 min call to allow the coach and client to get a sense of whether or not they are the right coach-client match. These calls are also great opportunities to ask questions about how coaching works and if it’s a good fit for the agenda at hand.


AiM Coaching offers a flexible price structure based frequency and duration of coaching sessions. Customize packages and ongoing monthly agreements to suit the preference of our clients are available upon request.

“Mia is an extremely talented coach who helps me gain clarity in my life. She has supported me though some big and challenging life changes and has made me find my own answers for how to manage my new life in the best way. Not only does life looks a lot clearer and brighter after our sessions but I always feel very energized, ready to take on life with its obstacles. The result of coaching is that I feel good about myself, it helps me overcome my limitations and we work out a path to achieve goals. I also love the playful ways to discover my real desires, fears and feelings. It has been a great way to discover myself.”

– Ulrike – Photographer, Austria/Bali