The importance of cultivating a high-performance mindset and the skills of resilience, confidence, consistency and learning are key in any area of life, whether it be athletics, academics or within an organization.

AiM coaching customizes workshops to provide opportunities for individuals, teams and organizations to increase mental agility, the capacity to handle adversity, cultivate awareness and action to help change habits, thought patterns and beliefs and mindsets to better serve growth and outlined goals.

These concepts are brought into the spotlight with tangible exercises and exploration for how to develop grit and improve mental fortitude and performance in students, athletes and organization.

For Youth

Gaining awareness of how thoughts, beliefs, attitude and the role of mindset shape and impact learning and performance is key in understanding how to optimize growth and success. With increased insight and self-awareness comes access to choice, control and empowerment. Students get the opportunity to develop life skills that have them flex and grow their minds to become more agile and resilient, skills that will serve them in- and outside the classroom.

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For Athletes

All athletes know that their physical preparation is key in order to excel at their craft. Yet, it’s often times the mental performance training that distinguishes a great athlete from an all-star athlete. The two go hand-in-hand to build the most well-rounded, powerful and resilient athletes. Mental performance coaching provides an edge that gives the athlete a competitive advantage that not only serves them in their sport, but also in life outside of the arena.

Mental performance training is a practice, which provides athletes with tools and strategies to fuel internal motivation, focus, choosing the ‘right’ attitude to stay on course for their long-term goals and mental strength to endure and succeed through challenges.

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“Mia’s workshop and skill set is of great value and hugely relevant in today’s world.”

– Teacher, Grade 4, Canada