Peak Performance

Optimize growth, resilience, consistency and actions through a thought provoking and empowering process to maximize your performance on and off the field.

Life Coaching

Develop deeper awareness of your values, purpose and set meaningful goals to develop the road map and actions to a more fulfilled, exciting and balanced life.


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Life Coaching

The biggest reason why the field of life coaching has grown exponentially is, simply put – it works!

Life coaching, or life skills coaching, is like a gym membership for your mind, soul and heart. In a coaching session, space is created to explore, develop and fine-tune invaluable life skills in areas including:

  • peak performance;
  • focus;
  • stress management;
  • balance; and
  • fulfillment

Together with your coach, you will develop a mindset and actions that promote resilience, positive habits and forward movement that align with your purpose and goals. Life coaching offers a holistic approach to personal growth and mental performance anchored not only in the mind, but also in the physical body, to create profound and powerful change and success.

“You don’t have to be great to get started. But you have to get started to be great” – Les Brown

The focus of life coaching is on expansion, growth and action in the present moment, to create your ideal future, whether it’s applied to one’s professional career, athletic pursuits or personal life. Life coaching is not about providing solutions, “telling you what to do” or cookie cutter advice. Life coaching is an empowering and uniquely individual process. No two clients walk the same path, and therefore no two life coaching experiences will be the same.

The benefits of life coaching, whether it is applied in an organizational, athletic, leadership or a personal context is to support, hone and sharpen skills within the mental game, to design plans and strategies which maximize fulfillment, mental agility, balance, performance and success in any and all areas of life.

Mia, the heart of AiM Coaching, was drawn to life coaching due to its expansive capacity to support and empower others to reach their full potential and push beyond their perceived boundaries. To her, this work is the greatest gift and honor. At the core, Mia believes that the most powerful source we have is that one within us. It is also within us where we often times find our greatest opponent. Coaching explores and teaches life skills to harness, utilize and enhance the creativity, resourcefulness, mental fitness and strengths we harbor, and also shines the light on the obstacles and limiting beliefs we throw in our own way. The only place where we can truly make a difference is within ourselves. Once we start developing our inner power and lead from that place, our impact on the external world is limitless.

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“To me, the joy I found in life coaching with Mia can be summarized as the most empowering and rewarding process I’ve ever experienced. There is an immense sense of power and ownership that comes from finding out we can be intentional about our lives, outcomes and goals. The best part is, after over ten years learning these tremendously valuable tools, the most important realization I’ve had is just how much more there is to learn.”

– Ryan – Digital Director, Canada