Performance Coach

Develop greater growth, resilience, consistency and performance through a thought provoking and empowering coaching process.

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Personal Coaching

Create a deeper understanding of your values, goals and purpose to develop the road map and actions to a more fulfilled, exciting and balanced life.

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Leadership Coaching

Lead with greater confidence and purpose. Develop skills to build strength, and to empower and inspire growth in others.

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Life Coaching

The field of life coaching, sometimes called ‘life skills coaching’, has grown exponentially, in the last decade. The biggest reason why is, simply put, it works!

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching, or life skills coaching, is like a gym membership for your mind, soul and heart, where the coachee is given the space to explore, develop and fine tune invaluable life skills in areas ranging from stress management, focus, performance, balance and fulfillment through developing a mindset that promotes resilience, resolution, habits and actions that align with ones purpose and goals.

It focuses on growth in the present moment whether it’s applied in ones professional career, athletic pursuits or personal life. Forward momentum is at the foundation of life coaching where meaningful and powerful actions are deeply rooted in values, goals, purpose and bigger picture priorities. Life coaching aligns action with goals and designs performance in balance with the ‘big A agenda’ of your life.

Life coaching is broad and encompasses a person’s whole life. Within this spectrum, AiM Coaching focuses on the areas of mental performance coaching, personal and leadership coaching. Please visit our Services section to find out more.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Life coaching is not about providing solutions, “telling you what to do” and cookie cutter advice. No two clients walk the same road, and therefore no two life coaching experiences will be the same. Each session and step is designed to honor the individual. It’s an empowering and uniquely individual process to engage in.

The benefits of life coaching, whether it is applied in an organizational, athletic or a personal context aims to support individuals and organizations grow their skills and mental game, to design game plans and strategies which maximizes fulfillment, performance and success in any area of life.

When being aware of our mindset, our habits and routines, our goals and purpose we are also more able to effectively design new habits and actions that align with who we want to be and what we want to be able to accomplish.

“You don’t have to be great to get started. But you have to get started to be great” – Les Brown

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“To me, the joy I found in life coaching with Mia can be summarized as the most empowering and rewarding process I’ve ever experienced. There is an immense sense of power and ownership that comes from finding out we can be intentional about our lives, outcomes and goals. The best part is, after over ten years learning these tremendously valuable tools, the most important realization I’ve had is just how much more there is to learn.”

– Ryan – Digital Director, Canada