Personal life coaching, sometimes called personal development coaching, embraces your whole life and aims to bring success, balance and fulfillment to all areas of it. We often begin by discovering and defining your goals, vision, values and priorities. And, with awareness, insight and conscious choice, go on to design meaningful and powerful actions, which together, form the steps to make achieving those goals a reality.

Areas of Personal Life Coaching

The client may bring different topics to focus on each personal coaching session, picking what is the most relevant and urgent in their life at that time. Although topics may vary, the personal coach keeps the overall goals and vision in mind at all times, making sure actions and decisions are all fitting into the bigger picture and are aligned with the overall vision.

Some common personal life coaching topics are:

  • Goal setting and life purpose
  • Personal growth, self awareness and insight
  • Change management – creating change and transitioning through it
  • Confidence
  • Fulfillment and happiness (personal and professional)
  • Career development, performance, time management and efficiency
  • Leadership (in life or at work)
  • Work-life balance
  • Creating stronger and more fulfilling relationships and connections
  • Health and wellness
  • Overall life balance
  • Stress management

What is Personal Coaching?

One of the most important roles of a life coach is to help you reach your goals faster than you would have on your own. However, it is also important that during that transition, you are moving towards those goals in a way that is authentic, valuable, thrilling and fulfilling. And, in a manner that will create long lasting positive change. Your personal coach will ask questions, encourage and challenge you to reach for what you truly want to create for yourself.

Life coaching is an empowering process, which puts the client in the driver seat of their life. The coach is not just along for the ride or to tell the coachee what to do. It is a process that is co-designed by both parties. The personal coach will help by asking thought provoking questions, by giving objective feedback, input and suggestions, as well as challenging, supporting and encouraging the client throughout the process. Accountability is an element essential to personal coaching; the follow up and pre-determined actions help keep the coachee accountable and ‘in action’ towards their defined goals.

Benefits of Personal Development Coaching

Personal life coaching can make the difference of living an okay life to living an extraordinary life! A personal coach can help you with:

  • Clearly identified goals and priorities
  • The ability to achieve goals faster than otherwise possible
  • Better overall life balance (including work-life)
  • Increased efficiency in and leadership of your life
  • Better time management
  • Clarified values and greater self insight
  • Renewed life purpose
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved career development
  • Improved self confidence
  • Increased personal growth and awareness
  • Improved relationships
  • New perspectives and behaviors
  • A source of support, empowerment, encouragement, motivation and accountability

Ideal personal coaching candidates share a common trait in that they want some sort of change in their lives. They must be willing, wanting and ready to put both work and energy into making those changes happen for themselves. For personal coaching to work at its best, it is essential that the coachee is motivated to invest their time and energy into integrating the outcomes of the coaching sessions into their life to maximize the benefits of the coaching.

Personal Coaching Session Structure, Time & Investment

Personal coaching is a process of change and growth, and although change can at times be almost instantaneous, often some trial and error is expected and normal. It takes time for new behaviors, perspectives, and ways of thinking to set root and find momentum as well as for action to take place and long-term learning and growth to be established.

Therefore, a minimum three month commitment is required, with two to four meetings of 30-60 minutes either in person or over phone/Skype each month. The frequency and duration of meetings are flexible, and it is not uncommon for clients to continue working with their personal coach for many years.

Between regular sessions, you will be given ‘assignments’ (co-created between the personal coach and client) to work on, and it’s important to know that your time and willingness to take action on these assignments is key in order to successfully move towards your defined goals.


Cost is based on duration and frequency of meetings.

The initial Discovery session is around 90 min and a one time cost. The following coaching sessions’ are as per agreement, usually ranging from 30-60 min. Face-to-face, or phone/Skype, meetings as well as email support in between meetings, are included in the monthly cost.

Monthly fee is to be paid by the first of the month.

In an initial, complimentary session you can learn more about coaching, the cost structure and options available.

Discovery Session

The first meeting, often called the “discovery session” will be 90 minutes in order to complete the discovery portion and to kick-start the relationship. This initial session is key, and an intake/discovery form will be sent to the client to complete at least a couple of days before the meeting. The discovery meeting covers some of the big points such as the expectations, goals of personal coaching, and sets the foundation of the sessions and the coaching relationship moving forward.

Please note that the Discovery session is charged separately from the monthly investment, and is a 90 min session.

Begin with a Complimentary Session

“Having been curious about life coaching for a few years now, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I have realized is, you don’t need a life catastrophe to benefit from life coaching – it’s like a gym membership for the mind, heart and soul. Through life coaching, I’ve become really focused on what is important to me and been able to eliminate the sense that life is passing me by – I am in control. I’m constantly amazed how perceptive, intuitive and non-judgemental Mia is. If curious, I say satisfy that curiosity, you wont be disappointed!”

– Julie, United Kingdom