AiM Coaching provides organizations with a professional career coaching service, primarily in Calgary, that aims to support elevated employee satisfaction, professional performance, improved work-life balance, and in turn, positive results on retention, bottom-line and also to provide a competitive edge for the organization in the employee marketplace.

What is Career Coaching?

Professional development or career coaching is often a one-on-one process that through individual empowerment can effectively maximize an employee’s potential, development, learning, performance and success – both on a professional and personal level, with a lower-energy threshold required than otherwise possible. It’s not entirely different from what is often referred to as ‘life coaching’. However, there may be some structural differences in the set-up arrangement, and career coaching usually takes place within the work place (either face to face in the Calgary area or via electronic set-up).

Career coaches use assessments, listening, and language skills to support the coachee in the process of finding balance and achieving greater performance. Career coaching is about tapping into human potential and it puts great emphasis on the present and the future. It focuses on making changes in the present time and take advantage of experience-related learning (as it occurs in practical situations), rather than traditional learning, which often occurs in the context of hypothetical situations. Career coaching also has the added element of accountability, responsibility, and follow-up, which differentiates it from many other learning and development methods.

Why Career Coaching?

“One to one performance coaching is the way for both organizations and individuals to significantly impact the bottom line.” – Fortune Magazine

The integration and engagement of professional coaching is growing rapidly. Although coaching can be used to correct identified gaps in performance and/or behavior, it is increasingly being used to develop and invest in current leaders, managers and up-and-coming talent in addition to supporting people through transitions. Career coaching can not only strengthen leadership skills and help develop soft skills, it can also improve communication and inter-organizational relationships, time management and more. Many organizations are good at developing their employees in their required “hard” or practical/technical skills and training. However, career coaching can greatly help by enhancing “soft” or people skills, building strong relationships, lowering stress, and developing the emotional intelligence to be a successful and effective team player, leader, and manager.

One aspect unique to professional coaching is that it takes the bigger picture into account in order to create overall balance, success and positive results for both the individual and the organization. When speaking of professional career coaching, from an organizational point of view, it’s a tool to enhance employee performance, development, satisfaction and success. It is a way to see, hear, show appreciation and invests in the talent crucial for the company’s success and future. And, to offer a benefit to the employee that takes the whole individual into consideration.

To be able to offer a program involving both professional growth and personal mastery at the same time gives companies a fierce competitive edge in today’s fast moving market place and the increased ability to attract new talent.

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Benefits of Professional Coaching

Research shows that career or professional coaching typically yields an ROI of five to seven times the initial investment[1].

The effects of career coaching are widely recognized in two areas, namely increased individual performance as a result of improved goal focus and effective learning, and improved relations as a result of better communication and self-awareness. Furthermore, it increases the effectiveness of the relationships between self-development, management development and organizational effectiveness. Career coaches help set defined goals and discover simpler ways of accomplishing them, which often times lead to lower stress and increased efficiency. Accountability, another big piece of the process, typically accelerates achievement of the goals.

There are a number of possible benefits and areas of impact that can be felt as a result of professional coaching, both for the individual and the organization:

  • Increased employee productivity and performance, professionally and personally
  • Increased awareness and stronger interpersonal skills / reduced conflicts
  • Leadership development
  • Career development and transition support
  • Focused goal setting and execution
  • Enhanced confidence and empowerment
  • Improved communication, listening and decision-making skills
  • Greater capability to handle challenges and change
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Increased motivation and engagement
  • Ability to reframe challenges into opportunities
  • Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improved time management and greater work-life balance
  • Decreased stress

It is also important to note that often, employee retention investments are less costly than new hire costs.

AiM’s Approach

Although the focus of effective career coaching is on professional and leadership development, it also looks at the bigger picture of an employee’s life to create balance, decrease stress, and maximize success. AiM Coaching believes that professional effectiveness is greatly enhanced by fulfillment on a personal level and self-mastery. This is why we apply a holistic approach even when the coaching relationship focuses on professional goals and takes place in an organizational setting.

Career coaching, for organizational purposes, is most effective when integrated with or used as a way to complement the internal performance management program(s) already in place. There are often times benefits to have an external coach who can provide an objective view, new perspectives and who does not have attachments to the company. Often it increases the openness, honesty, and, in turn, the effectiveness of the program.

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[1] Source: Manchester, “Executive Coaching Yields Return on Investment of Almost Six Times Its Costs”, January 4, 2001. MetrixGlobal, “Executive Briefing: Case Study on The Return Investment of Executive Coaching,” November 2, 2001.

“I’ve found my flow! My life was never ‘bad’ but now it feels full of new and interesting possibilities. I feel filled of energy and confidence about myself and my future. Mia has with her warm personality and her great skills helped me gain insight about myself, my values and to define my vision and goals – I now know what, when, where, why, with whom and also how I can and want to reach those. There is a noticeable difference both in my personal and professional life since starting coaching – it really works and I find myself enthusiastic about the challenges and the rewards of the process! I love sharing positive experiences and coaching with Mia is one!– it has been a privilege to work with her. Mia makes a difference!” 

– Pia – Entrepreneur, Sweden