This is an assignment I love to give clients who are looking for a career or job change, and it has proven to be greatly helpful in getting a good view of what a person might need and desire. The reality may be that you do not find your exact job description out there, BUT, it helps to put everything you’re looking for into context, connect it, and also gives you something to assess different options, weighing pros and cons, and grow your career in a desirable direction.

What to Include in Your Job Description

You can give yourself quite a bit of freedom with this, again, don’t hold back, be honest with yourself. Write it all down: the job description, requirements, must haves, nice to haves, etc. Everything from what you want to be doing, to what growth opportunities you are looking for, preferred work hours, desired vacation time, salary expectations, etc. Get it all down on paper.

Why Write Your Job Description

Just like any employer will have a number of expectations, it’s important to make sure you are clear on what yours are. This way, the right path for you can often become very clear. Changing directions or taking that leap of faith to do something different is not always easy. But look at it from different angles and you will gain clarity to help make those decisions and follow a new direction to new opportunities.

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Life coaching is a way to accelerate the process of mapping out where you are and where you want to be going and the step-by-step process to get there. Everyone has their own unique path to get there; life coaching can help reveal yours by using proving tools, techniques and resources. To read more about life coaching and what it can do for you, contact us for more information or to set up a free sample session.

Best of luck! Go after the life you want—no one else will do it for you!

– Mia McFadyen, Certified Co-Active Coach